Single wall boxes


Looking for Single Wall Cardboard Boxes?


Smurfit Kappa Direct offers a wide range of standard single wall cardboard boxes. All of our single wall boxes are produced on a regular basis which presents the perfect solution for you or your business.

All of our goods are shipped by mail or through a delivery service and can come in all sizes and shapes. Our single wall cardboard boxes are easy to assemble by hand, some with sufficient buffers to offer protection and secure the product internally, while being sturdy enough to withstand handling and transport at every stage of distribution.

Some providers, like the leading delivery service UPS, define certain standards for cardboard boxes. Smurfit Kappa direct boxes, inclusive of retail boxes and packing boxes can be designed to meet and exceed these standards. 

Please note all of our single wall box products can be purchased directly through our site.


High Quality Single Wall Corrugated Boxes

Single wall cardboard boxes provided by Smurfit Kappa Direct offer a practical solution to your needs. The Smurfit Kappa Direct single wall corrugated boxes and cardboard boxes are easy to stack, and most of all, they are easy to erect or close without using tape.

These qualities make our single wall boxes reusable saving you any unnecessary additional costs. You can purchase our high quality boxes directly through this website.  

Smurfit kappa Direct supplies high quality single wall cardboard boxes, packing boxes, moving boxes and retail boxes to businesses and homes throughout Ireland. We cover areas such as Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Kerry & Waterford